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In the frozen north of the Canadian Arctic, ancient horrors prowl the tundra. They are the monsters and bogeymen of Inuit folktales. They prey upon small, unwary communities isolated from the world-at-large, the remote and unforgiving environment providing cover for their activities. They are the shadows that fall across the snow.

Angakkuit is a role-playing game about fighting monsters in the frozen north. The player characters hunt these creatures across mountain ranges and desolate tundra. They scour small settlements and cities. Wherever the shadows fall across the snow, the player characters follow. The characters' calling is not an easy one. In addition to the monsters of the north, they must contend with an unforgiving environment. Winter brings the threat of blizzards and snowstorms as well as hypothermia and frostbite. Deep snow makes travel difficult and thin ice, avalanches, and other natural hazards can be as deadly as any monster.

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